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The Storm comic keeps getting more and more perfect. I’m worried they’re setting the bar too high and I’ll never be satisfied with any other comic ever again.


sincerely, a person who has been on prozac for 9 years

this is in response to some shitty stuff i’ve seen on my dash recently. it’s super simplified, so if you’d like to know some more indepth stuff on how exactly it works, google it—OR BETTER YET actually talk to a mental health doctor psychiatrist person wow


Donation made… I nominate @greggsulkin @pascalispunk and @justincampbellphotography you have 24 hours - Sophie Turner does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

me when u post a selfie. keep up the good work (via codeinewarrior)

marvel men + ice bucket challenge



cause of death: MCU actors doing the ALS ice bucket challenge


because a lot of people dont seem to get this:

  • golems are from jewish folklore. dont treat them like a generic fantasy creature, thats appropriative
  • kabbalah is a specifically jewish religious tradition. dont practice it if youre not jewish and dont use kabbalah symbolism as generic occult stuff, thats appropriative
  • for the record if it has hebrew on it and it doesnt have anything to do with judaism its probably appropriative
  • dont wear a magen david if youre not jewish, its used as a symbol for judaism so wearing it if youre a gentile is appropriative
  • while im at it heres a rundown of some terms you should know
  • goy: hebrew and yiddish for non-jewish person, it literally translates as “nation.” the plural form is goyim. goy is not a slur.
  • gentile: english for non-jewish person
  • anti-semitism: you probably know what this means but i just want to point out that the word anti-semitism was NOT coined by jews but by a german anti-semite who wanted a more scientific-sounding alternative to “judenhass,” which literally translates to “jew-hatred”
  • if you’re not jewish you should also avoid using the word “jew” since many jewish people are uncomfortable with it (though i personally am fine with it). use “jewish person” instead if youre a gentile

please reblog this if you’re not jewish, i almost never see gentiles acknowledging cultural appropriation of judaism and anti-semitism on tumblr, even among people who otherwise care about things like that.


i never seen a starship in the flesh
i cut my teeth on phaser beams, in landing parties
and im not proud of my grades
in riverside, no post code envy

but everyone’s like
red shirts, klingons
setting phasers to stun,
hypos, beaming,
captaincy in eight years

we don’t care
we’re piloting the enterprise in our dreams


thor + glass

Chris Hemsworth accepts Robert Downey Jr.’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner


Countdown to Richard’s birthday

Day 4: Favourite quote 

''It fills me with confidence to know that if I have to go to war, I have an army of women behind me''.

The Magic Begins
Favourite house/your house → Ravenclaw


Speed: Unknown.


Size: Unknown.


The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.


Never engage this dragon.


Your only chance,


hide and pray it does not find you.




 #ok confession: i actually get kinda tingly when kirk uses his captain voice  #it’s pathetic he has the biggest sparkly anime eyes ever and he’s about as threatening as an annoyed kitten  #but i have a crippling weakness for Captain James ”Don’t Fuck With My Clique” Kirk  #i guarantee you i will be making strangled noises every time kirk says ”MY crew”  #that protective + possessive instinct just really fucking gets to me because jim grew up alone with nobody to care for let alone fight for or even kill for  #now he has the entire crew of the enterprise to look after and he’d do anything to keep them safe (tags via radiophile)  

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