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If you like fantasy and you want to be the next Tolkien, don’t read big Tolkienesque fantasies— Tolkien didn’t read big Tolkienesque fantasies, he read books on Finnish philology. Go and read outside of your comfort zone, go and learn stuff.
Neil Gaiman


Karl Urban Character Photo Challenge.



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"hey bones, I love you. I also love you in a different timeline where you’re a german girl and I’m a well endowed italian man."
"hey bones, I love you. I also love you in a different timeline where we’re both penguins in rival penguin gangs."
"hey bones, I love you. I also love you in a different timeline where I’m santa and you’re the grumpy easter bunny."
"hey bones, I love you. I also love you in a different timeline where—" "JIM, SHUT THE FUCK UP."

fabtrek asked:
Okay but Winona and George meeting by getting set up on a blind date and neither of them think it'll go well...until they actually meet each other.

torchwood1701 replied:


Winona is skeptical, to say the least.

"Oh, come on."  Amanda sighs, digging through their shared closet before yanking out something way more revealing than Winona would have chosen herself—which was likely the precise reason Amanda had decided to help her.  "He’s a friend of Chris’s who Sarek knows pretty well.  He thinks you’d get along."

"So much so that we can’t even meet before we go on a date?  Man, what if he’s repulsive and rude?"

Amanda rolled her eyes and tossed the dress at Winona’s face, muffling her.  “Shut up and put this on.  It’s time you did something with your weekend.”

"I’m not going on a blind date, Chris."

"You’ll like her.”  Chris was grinning, and George knew that this was probably more about his amusement than George’s benefit.  “I’ve heard great things.”

"From a Vulcan?  Yeah, I can hear the scintillating conversation now.  ‘You are not starving to death, as that would be illogical and I highly doubt that you haven’t eaten in so long as to cause expiration.’"

"Vulcans don’t use contractions," Chris smirked.  "Come on.  It’ll be fun."

Winona was regretting her bold choice of lipstick when she walked into the restaurant.

George was wondering if he’d have to eat vegetarian.

Their thoughts completely flew out of their heads when their eyes met.

The rest is history.


McDanno moments


Seestras at SDCC (x)


you dont know embarrassment until you have to wear science goggles over your glasses




can a dinosaur even get more fuckin rad?


you bet jurassican

i am so impressed by that dinosaur and that pun congratulations


The life and adventures of Emma Swan.


Cell 213 (2010) - I like this movie, it’s a pretty good offering in the not-particularly-graphic horror genre and yer man might be a bit of an asshole, but in the grand scheme of a movie where pretty much everyone is an asshole, he’s by far not the worst…oh yeah, and the perma-stubble is very sexy….



Cat doesn’t know what to do with the butterfly that flew on its paw.

I can’t breathe I’m laughing too hard

Doctor Who Recons


As promised, I’m in the process of uploading the Loose Cannon reconstructions (plus their accompanying surviving episodes, as and where applicable) to Dailymotion and expect to be finished within the next day or two.

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